Making A Difference

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Ronnie Malcolm

Director of RRM (UK)


Your business success relies on people.

Let us help grow your business by growing your people.

Management Development

Are you MAD?  “Making A Difference” is our core programme for developing managers.  We spend a lot of our time growing leaders at all levels by getting them MAD.


We generate highly focused development by providing one-to-one support to managers, acting as an objective, trusted and experienced mentor.


Conference speaking, event management, management workshops, meeting facilitation, staff training – if you need something to fire-up your folk give us a call.


We intend to grow this site by uploading valuable and stimulating articles and materials. Check back in the future for more help and advice using these resources.

Get more on the four Ms at this site.  Or email/call, we know we can help you.

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Open Training

At the moment all of our training programmes are client-specific.  We periodically deliver open training programmes where several organisations come together to share both costs and experiences.  While these programmes cannot focus solely on your company issues you gain greatly from the perspectives brought to the course from other organisations.  If you have a training need that doesn’t extend to the whole team then let us know of your interest and we’ll start building our next open programme.

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