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Change the world?


Change your world?


We help you explore and expand your view of the world.




Management Development

Are you MAD?  “Making A Difference” is our core programme for developing managers.  We spend a lot of our time growing leaders at all levels by getting them MAD.



We generate highly focussed development by providing one-to-one support to managers, acting as an objective, trusted and experienced mentor.



Conference speaking, event management, management workshops, meeting facilitation, staff training – if you need something to fire up your folk give us a call.



We intend to grow this site by uploading valuable and stimulating articles and materials. Check back in the future for more help and advice using these resources.

A Little Bit About Us

RRM (UK) Limited is Ronnie Malcolm’s professional services firm, providing management consultancy,  training & development and coaching/mentoring.

We’ve been in business since 2000 and in that period have built up an enviable reputation, a well respected client base and an extensive collection of resources to aid the development of your organisation.

We provide one-to-many support by way of conferences and training events and one-to-one support by way of mentoring.  We can help you to develop your strategy, grow your leaders, engage your staff and build your organisation.

We’re a people business and the best way to explore how we can help you is to pick up the phone or …..

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RRMUK is a small Scottish firm with a global footprint.
The word cloud here illustrates the location of our work.  The relative number of projects we’ve done in each region is indicated by the size of the word.
Take a look at www.wordle.net to create your own word clouds.