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Welcome to the new RRMUK website and welcome to our blog.

Many of you will know us from malcolm-international.com.  We’re embarrassed to say that website had remained largely unchanged since 2004.  The guys at NetMedia finally got through to me and during 2013 and the early part of 2014 we put a lot of work in to creating rrmuk.com.  This is a whole different ball game!

We hope you’ll agree rrmuk.com is interesting, engaging and worth visiting (and revisiting).  It sits on a dynamic platform so we will be able to keep it current and fresh.  With regular blogging and an expanding offering there should always be something so see, whether you are a client, potential client or passer-by.  In the coming months we will add our materials library with a wealth of useful resources.

The new, shorter web address is actually quite symbolic in itself.  We are focussing on core business, going back to our roots while projecting forward into an exciting future.  We are more active on the international market than we have ever been while maintaining our strong position in the domestic market.  We are a small Scottish company with a global footprint (see About Us on the new site).

The website isn’t just a presence on the web.  It’s the foundation of our new media strategy.  It’s a way to connect with clients and potential clients in an effective and meaningful way.  It should add value to our business and to your business.

Many thanks to Alasdair Mackenzie for pushing me to do rrmuk.com and to Will Mackenzie for all his hard work and great ideas.  Take a look at netmedia.co.uk if you’re thinking of doing something similar.  All I need now is the discipline to ensure the upkeep of the site, a growing portfolio and a stimulating blog.

A large part of what will make rrmuk.com work is regular blogging.  This blog is the first of many and I look forward to sharing valuable experiences, stimulating thoughts and the occasional bit of fun with you.

Be well, Ronnie

Ronnie Malcolm

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