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Why we do what we do ….

We have an unswerving belief in the potential that we all have as human beings.
We take pleasure is seeing people and organisations grow.

What we do ….

We provide consultancy, training and mentoring support to people and organisations.
We provide stimulus and resources through this website.




“Making A Difference” is simply what your managers should be doing and it’s what RRMUK are best known for.  Our leadership development programmes get your managers MAD.


360 appraisal

Equally effective when delivered as part of MAD or as a standalone exercise – we facilitate 360 appraisal to give a manager the opportunity to gain feedback from above, below and around themselves.



Mentor – “a trusted counsellor, teacher, trainer, guide, sponsor or supporter”.  Managers can benefit greatly from one-to-one support from an external, objective professional.



Are your employees engaged?  Imagine a workplace where all employees are fully engaged with the mission and values, the customer, their role and each other.  It is possible!


Staff surveys

What’s the current climate in your organisation?  How do you measure staff satisfaction, attitudes or engagement?  How do staff feel about the organisation?  Why not ask them?



Whether it’s developing high level vision and mission, instilling values or detailed planning for the development of your business – you can benefit from objective, external support.

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