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Yesterday, three million, six hundred and nineteen thousand, nine hundred and fifteen people who live in Scotland cast their vote.  Regardless if your preference was “Yes” or “No” this is a seminal moment in UK politics.

The question was; “Should Scotland be an independent country?”

It’s a monumental study in change management.

There’s two conditions required for change to happen in any situation, be it a referendum on independence, major change in your business, small change in your work environment or some change in your personal life.

It’s a simple formula:  Change = Dissatisfaction + Desire.

Condition 1: dissatisfaction with the current situation.  A person becomes so dissatisfied, disgruntled or distressed with the way things are that they recognise the need for change.

Condition 2: desire for a better way.  A person becomes so engaged by a vision of a positive future that they recognise the need for change.

However recognising the need for change is not enough to make change happen.  Both conditions need to be realised.  Dissatisfaction without desire is not enough to motivate change.  The end result?  A “No” vote.  Desire without sufficient dissatisfaction is not enough to motivate change.  The end result?  A “No” vote.

Dissatisfaction with the as-is combined with desire for a compelling vision results in a “Yes” vote.

There’s three possible combinations that can generate a “No” vote and only one combination that generates a “Yes” vote.  The odds are stacked in favour of the status quo.

Yesterday, 55% of the people of Scotland who voted had insufficient dissatisfaction and/or insufficient desire for them to vote “Yes” to the proposition that Scotland should be an independent country.

We are hearing this morning that things will never be the same in UK politics.  That may be the case, but we are still a united kingdom.

Change = Dissatisfaction + Desire.

When you are proposing change in your business (or in your personal life) and you want to take people with you, remember that dissatisfaction with the as-is is not enough and desire for the compelling vision is not enough.  Only these two things together can fuel the drive for real change.

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